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RTA Cabinetry

“Ready-to-Assemble” Cabinet Boxes


RTA stands for a line of "Ready-to-Assemble" cabinet boxes offered in set sizes which we manufacture and flat-pack in kits, ready for assembly by cabinetmakers or end users.  We highly suggest end users to trust the assembly to cabinetmakers, who do not shy from the proper design, assembly and installation.  These cabinet boxes are designed to ease the installation process while offering a cost & time effective product.  In supplying the basic structure of the cabinet without doors, allows designers, clients and builders an opportunity to tailor a custom built feel with a variety of sizes and selecting custom doors.


This offering is only for the cabinetry boxes without doors.  Along the design process, we offer a separate upgraded option to build client doors based on their preference of style, color and material.  This second phase of customizing cabinetry doors empowers cabinetmakers a way to offer custom and rapid options within manageable budgets.


In providing different materials of construction, we can tailor costs by playing with different medium options that start as basic white melamine construction to gray or a more natural feel as maple melamine.  Yet, in creating more transitional or traditional appeal, we can also offer maple plywood as interior construction. 


Our RTA cabinetry boxes as offered as 4 different types:

Upper Cabinetry, Above Refrigerator Cabinetry, Base Cabinetry & Tall Pantry Cabinetry

General sizes available for each cabinetry box type – No doors included:

Upper and Lower Cabinets

Instructions to order cabinetry

Step 1: Order basic cabinet boxes for

Upper and Base Cabinetry using order form

& providing layout of area to confirm sizes. Upper Cabinetry | Base Cabinetry

Step 2: Order custom cut doors to fit cabinetry boxes from Step 1.

Please note that doors need to be 1/8" of the finished width and height

of the exposed box. Door Orders

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