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Designer wood door frames with glass inserts achieve a high gloss sheen that can complete the seamless modern design.  Solidly constructed wood frames are custom sized in multiple Angelus wood finishes and2 glass center insert options.  Orders are carefully assembled with clear glass or laminated glass to achieve an impeccable finish.

Glass Door Options

Available in All Our Wood Product Lines

Angelus | Bijoux High Gloss | Bijoux Matte Textured | Luxe Wood

Glass Door Features:

  1. 5 Piece Door Construction with Interior Slot Cut for Center Glass Panel.  Dado of 1/2" into Interior Frame Sides, Allowing for Drilling through Frame for Handle Attachment

  2. Clean, Mitered 45 Degree Door Corners in High Gloss or Matte Textured Material

  3. 1/4" Glass Inserts of Clear or Frosted Material Tightly Fitted into Wood Frame

  4. 3/4" Door Material Thickness, Typical for High End Custom Cabinetry Construction

  5. Stiles and Rail Options Range from 2 1/2", 2 3/4" and 3" Widths for Solid Door Construction

  6. Custom Sizes Available & Ideal for Upper & Tall Door Cabinetry 

Diagram & Profile of Glass Door


Available Widths of Sites & Rails

2 1/2" Stiles & Rails Width
2 3/4" Stiles & Rails Width
3" Stiles & Rails Width


Available Glass Finishes in 1/4" Thickness

sample clear glass

Clear Glass 

sample frosted glass

Laminated Frosted Glass 

sample glass door

Wood Framed - Glass Doors

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