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Emerging from recent years of architectural design trends, high gloss finishes have grown in demand in modern interior spaces. The flawless smooth appearance of high gloss panels have dominated the European market for modern and transitional cabinetry. Yet, with glossy materials' increased durability, the American market is following suit & seeing high gloss panels as a viable option to constructing everything from kitchens, baths, closets, furniture & architectural millwork.  Further hastened by the demand for advanced wood materials, we excitedly introduce our embossed wood clad panels with a touchable rustic wood grain, characteristic in natural woods.  These European inspired wood surfaces add a warm character to the construction of modern interiors.


What was once unattainable in the modern American market is now an option in crafting unique cabinetry & furniture with these seamless materials. The traction emerging from modern design demands the beauty of our various wood collections.  Our selection reveals a sincere appreciation for the simple beauty of sweeping wood grains, vibrant solid colors, soft supermatte touch & organic grains found in structured woods.  To encourage the design & manufacturing industry, our company Lioher Pacific offers custom sized cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a range of finishes from high gloss smooth mirror finishes to deep embossed rustic wood grains.  We create our products with only the most advanced European machinery & finest materials available worldwide from Italy, Spain, France and Germany.  We've extended the design reach of local manufacturers by providing custom fit door size parts for various furniture and cabinetry design applications.


Our high gloss panels are desired for their crisp, clean reflective surface intended for streamlined, thoughtful design. Meanwhile, our matte texture wood panels are favored for their organic grain and deep grooved texture of rustic wood.  Beyond the beauty of our panels, they are increasingly ideal for their benefits, durability and ease to design with.


Our first line of European advanced manufactured products are decorative panels with a high gloss polyester finish on the exterior face, while the interior backside models a matching durable, decorative matte melamine in the same design. Our matte texture wood panels are finished with the same synchronized feelable texture & subtle wood grains along both sides  of each panel. Overall, both wood panel material lines are highly desired for their overall list of impressive benefits:

  • Uniform, smooth composition of 3/4" MDF & Chipboard CARBII cores - Making product ideal for variable uses

  • Eco-friendly & affordable wood products that are enhanced by their local fabrication in our cut to size door program

  • Scratch-resistant high gloss finish complements modern design with brilliant & consistent color

  • Grain matching and sequencing options allow patterns to flow along multiple adjacent cut parts

  • Wide range of available high gloss solid and decorative finishes

  • Availability of textured melamine matte panels are also available to add creative contrast to high gloss cabinetry & furniture parts

  • Cut to Size Door Program offers 2 edgeband finish options as solid or dual color ends of custom sized pieces

Lioher Pacific
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